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PP PTFE Pleated Filter Cartridge

PTFE Pleated Cartridge
PTFE Pleated Cartridge
PP 19
Pleated Polypropylene cartridge High dirt capacity pleated depth filter cartridges. Absolute rated filter with wide range of 0.2 µ to 70 µ, lengths 5″, 10″ 20″, 30″ & 40″ with a variety of end fittings to suit existing housings Thermally bonded all polypropylene filter cartridges ensure higher throughputs, low-pressure loss, high dirt capacity, long on stream life and lower filtration cost. Pure polypropylene construction gives extremely good chemical compatibility with a wide range of fluids. No surfactants or binder resins. Meets FDA requirements and can be in-situ sterilized.
Price : 1000 INR